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MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 312 Wednesday May 16th 2012
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So Greece now has a caretaker government
when your government needs a caretaker it's time you up & went
and your country's about to default on its credit
and leave the E.U. then it's time you up and left it
a new AP CNBC poll says we don't trust facebook at all and
we still want to use it so facebook's become like politicians
meanwhile sketchers has agreed to pay 40 millions bucks because
they claimed their toning shoes made people lose weight which it does
not do so I guess sketchers should be renamed as "sketchy" and we should lose weight normal ways like eating less.
Today is Wear Purple for Peace Day and Love a Tree Day
as well as National Sea Monkey Day, okay?…like sea monkeys I come alive when placed in water…I come more alive when put in hot water…then eventually I die if not removed from the hot water…same with cold.

Today we hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deer the Engineer, PLUS we bring you part 3 of INTO AN INTERVIEW with the lead singer of the Joel Plaskett Emergency, AND on NEWS RANDOM, Fitbit IS the s#*t!

Tomorrow we'll bring you part 4 on INTO AN INTERVIEW with Joel Plaskett, PLUS we'll hear from Benita, the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, and the Brewmaster who will be celebrating Pack Rat Day by getting rid of all their earthly possessions.  Doesn't that seem weird that Jesus always spoke of not being materialistic yet most pack rats tend to be Christians.  He also said a few things about loving your neighbor and a lot of Christians hate gays.  Just saying.

Mike Matthews

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