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So when we were in DC last weekend
we heard we had just missed Sarah Palin
To say the least we were disappointed
Not to see the tea party's potentially anointed
She was doing her big publicity tour
but everything she does is publicity for her
Then Thursday she flubs Paul Revere history
if she can say nuclear right is a mystery
my show is slightly political at the moment but I'll get out of it watch
Today is Saturday so get out your bbq's
unless your in the Bay Area then get out your good rain boots

Something I discovered by watching Modern Family on Hulu last night and by having a conversation yesterday with a director friend of mine has made me reach an interesting conclusion…I'll tell you what it is…

Valentino and Bison Bentley tell us about why they are not going to see the new Xmen movie.

Madame Rootabega predicts what the biggest movie of the summer will be.

And we bring you another installment of NEWS RANDOM.

Tomorrow we hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deere the Engineer.  Name a goof, a loof, and a poof.  That's what this paper says that I just pulled out of this envelope.

Happy Saturday!

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