Hello, my name is Mike Matthews. That bus you hear in the background is my
bulky vehicle choice to get me to this week’s half hour effizode of THE LAST
PLACE ON EARTH. We’ll find out what strange physical ailment a lot of women
are getting nowadays, we’ll find out what horrible poverty has hit your
favorite vacation destination, and we’ll tell you what color you should NOT
pick for your car if you do not desire to be a lemming.

All that plus music from Hobo, The Rope River Blues Band, Plumtree, and
Zombie Prom Queen.

This week has been interesting for which you will hear on the show. This is
the 13th effizode of this show. The last show I did got up to sixteen and
only ended because my wife and I moved from Huntsville, Alabama, to Castro
Valley, California. Yes, we literally went from one end of the political
spectrum to the other. You could see the states getting bluer the closer we
got to our new home!

My last show was called “The Messy Desk” which you can still catch some of
the effizodes on Interesting thing
about podomatic…as soon as you sign up for a free account every dj in the
world tries to get you to “friend” them. There was every DJ, MC, and
mixologist from every dance club sending “friend requests.” I left
podomatic and went to podbean to start anew without the crazy fans.

So as we rapidly approach Christmas and New Years look back on your year and
survey what you liked and what you’d like to change. Think about what went
incredibly right and what you can do to duplicate it. Don’t bother thinking
about what you did wrong, you’ve probably already spent too much time doing

Oh, quick shout out to my friends Terri and Steve that drove my wife and I
into the city (San Francisco) to check out a monthly 80’s dance club. Wow,
dancing to 80’s music is so uplifting. My wife is younger and doesn’t
remember the 80’s so much but she loves dancing to that music. She almost
thinks of it as a more “innocent” way of dancing. We weren’t quite grinding
yet in the 80’s.

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dealing with the inconvenience. You are too kind.

And good luck with the rest of the shopping you’ve got on your list. If you
don’t have a list, YAYYY! You are already ahead of the rest of us!