Hi, this is Mike Matthews, boarding my pimped out bus that takes us to THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!  This week we’ll talk to a fun and interesting singer/songwriter named Tristen who has a lot to say about DIY album making and creating her own unique style.  We’re gonna hear some of her songs and get up close and personal with her next as we travel into THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH…insert slogan here.

So all of a sudden I had a bunch of cool people to interview.  That does not mean, however, that you’ll never hear from The Disgruntled Fiddle Player, Benita the Rodeo Queen, or Chely Shoehart Our 18 Year Old Gift Shop Supervisor ever again.  They are patiently waiting in the wings along with Valentino the Parking Attendant, Bison Bentley, Floyd the Floor Man, The Brewmaster, and John Bohner. 

To those of you new to the show, thanks for tuning in.  I believe you can find a lot more interesting things to listen to in the world of podcasts versus commercial radio which is the most boring tripe ever.  Sure, if you love to hear Katy Perry’s “singing” piledriven into your ears repeatedly than you can keep following the beat of a worn-out, past-its-prime drum.  If you really want to spark your imagination and learn something you never knew before, listen to podcasts.  Preferably by independent thinking people who independently produce their own shows.  I am trying to do that with this show, so knowing you tuned in really makes me happy.

What else makes me happy?  Not listening to Katy Perry’s “shrill as hill” voice.  Seriously, I lived through Alanis.  I don’t need an updated version.  Putting a barbie doll on A’s head doesn’t make her any more palatable.  At least Alanis wasn’t trying to be sexy.  She was just singing her particular style and selling it with just her voice and guts.  Katy is all about image and whipped cream flying out of…well…places on her person.

But enough of that and I hope I didn’t offend you, no matter where your musical taste might lean.  Here is where you can hear the latest from THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH.

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