The World Has Spoken…and We Are FINALLY Listening!

Well, the world has changed since we last spoke. It has gotten very, very interesting. There are some people that would like us to believe that our current leader has NO IDEA WHAT HE’S DOING. Well…how does it feel, now??? That’s how WE FELT for the PAST EIGHT YEARS!!!

Today’s WHAT THE HECK??? When will people stop with the AMNESIA???

Here in Alabama, the biggest morning show is Rick and Bubba. These are two guys from Birmingham (from where I am writing to you now…I’m in a coffeehouse called OKafes) and they syndicate their show to several states…of course nothing really further west than Louisiana. This morning they made sure to raise a stink about Obama bowing to the prince in Saudi Arabia. The fact is, this supposedly light hearted morning show will pitch a stink about anything our new president does. They basically are in lock step with Hannity, Rush and anyone else subscribing to the “bash our president now that he’s not a republican” newsletter.

Remember, not so long ago, a president that did everything he could to destroy any relationship with any other country on this planet? At least this president is making the appearance of getting us on track with the rest of the world. He bowed to a Saudi prince…didn’t the last guy in the White House completely black out any reference to the Saudi prince, going out of his way to protect him and his family, when the 9/11 report was released? Amnesia. Whine whine whine. Bleeding heart conservatives.

Alabama is a good ole boys haven. Wherever three true blooded Alabaman MALES get together, there is sure to be bad mistakes made. In my last job, it was my immediate boss and my boss at the corporation level who “friended up” and threw my California rump out and brought in another Alabama male to complete “their link.” Kennedy warned us of “group think.” Here in Alabama it’s “good ole boy GROUP THUNK.” The need for tradition and the hatred against the unknown or the unfamiliar is at such an unmatchable level here. Don’t move here from another state unless you plan to be forever lost in the fringe.

By the way, the day Americans don’t observe other country’s customs WHILE IN THAT COUNTRY is the day you and I will be asked to leave the planet…permanently. They have been saying for 40 years that it’s a small, small world. Technology has shrank it down. Finally, in 2009 we have an administration that understands this. Alabama needs to digest this fact, too.

My minute’s up. Maybe a nano over.