The Worse Open Mic’s Ever!

Mike Matthews Does Not Play the Drums

So here it is, I am writing this at the BART Ashby Station (not to be confused with the Fruitvale Station which is about to get lambasted with the new movie coming out) after I tried to play at the Starry Plough in Berkeley. This is the second time  I’ve left an open mic before playing.

The first time I left was at the Bistro in Downtown Hayward where I admit I was late. Rather than wait till a minute before closing time to play, I decided to leave in a huff. Of course, nobody noticed my huff but me.

Tonight I was on time. I even used BART to reduce my carbon footprint (oh yeah, and to have a couple beers which I didn’t). The first thing I hate about the Starry Plough’s open mic is how unfriendly everybody is. The people that play look like they all shouldn’t be approached for any reason except to get their autograph.

The second thing I hate is how it smells like my old bachelor kitchen (not to be confused with my new bachelor kitchen which has 8 years of marriage to teach me how to keep it much more eat worthy).  I was gonna eat there but I’m sure I smelled cooked rat droppings. Don’t ask how I know that smell.

I have played at the Starry Plough once. That time I was on time as well, but they pull names from a pot (btw there’s loads of pot outside) and I was pulled first! I didn’t play first since I didn’t understand that only meant you could come up and write your name on the list. (?!?)

And now the best open mic’s: there’s a bunch in Livermore namely Panama Red coffee and the Beer Baron. Call them to find out more and tell them you heard about it on my blog! Thanks for reading and keep on drumming naked!