MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 2 for Sunday May 8th, 2011…HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Mother's Day is here
so make that fresh bouquet appear
May 8th and Cinco De Mayo I think
Someone wants mommy to have more offspring
I think tequila companies are making bank
This holiday gets people to go drank
And she'll have a hangover and start to pray
But enough about Mother's day
I wonder if anyone listens to podcasts on Sundays
so enjoy this podcast and keep in mind
your mommy never liked it when you whined

Here's a business proposition: Set up a flower stand on a busy corner today.  If that doesn't work, find out where the next graduation is and stand on a busy corner by a school or on school if you can do it.

I forgot to mention last podcast that my wife and I waited with baited breath last Sunday to find out about our house in Alabama.  We were very relieved to hear it's still standing.

Valentino the Parking Attendant and his assistant Bison Bentley are upset with some unwanted guests in the parking lot of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH.

Our special guest who was a regular on the show back when we were on the radio from the early 90's to the early 00's looks into my future to give me some great motherly advice!

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Tomorrow we hear from Chely Shoehart and Floyd the Floorman.  Tune in for a laugh, a giggle, a smirk.

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