I have had the honor of interviewing many musicians over the years.  When I worked at a country radio station, a lot of the up and coming artists used to stop by.  Some of them became successful, others not so much.  This is a page featuring interviews and other interesting stuff I have saved on cassette.  That old technology won’t last forever, but maybe this page will!  Enjoy a trip into my cubbyhole (that sounds very disturbing).  By the way, on a lot of these I go by the name MATT Michaels which was my radio name for 14 years so don’t be alarmed.  It’s okay.  It’s all going to be okay.  Listen for the segment MIKE’s CASSETTE CUBBYHOLE on my podcast!


He became a huge country star in the late 00’s, early 10’s, but first he had to be interviewed by me.

Part 1


This band was amazing and unfortunately there’s no trace left any where of them, not even on the Internet.  I had the chance to interview them and I recently found the cassette from that show.  The second part features a song they covered by an amazing singer/songwriter and wonderful guy named Jimmy Adams.  Sadly, he passed away in 2012.  He will be sorely missed.  The guitarist for Southern Cross, Jonathan Raffeto, unfortunately also died much too young.  You can hear him on this interview, too.

Part 1

Part 2


I had an idea for doing an old time radio Orson Wells type alien invasion show back in 1997.  This was the first and only part, but James Wortman, whom you can find on the Into An Interview page, did an awesome alien invasion show for Halloween that featured a lot of Ventura County actors.  I only had one actor for my production, me, so enjoy all my strange voices…

Part 1


Before they became the scourge of conservatives and thus all country music they were on my show and they were some of the nicest, funnest musicians I’ve ever met!  I was single at the time and suddenly there were three bright, funny, blondes in the room with me.  I was a little distracted.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Dean Sams called me on the phone and put up with my horrible interviewing skills.  A little after this interview they had a huge, huge crossover hit with “Amazed” and then later with “I’m Already There.”

Part 1


Not only is she the inspiration for the name of our giftshop supervisor, Chely Shoehart, but she is the only artist I have interviewed a whopping THREE TIMES!  The first time we talked was in 1994 but unfortunately I didn’t record that interview.  I did record this one a couple years later when she was promoting her album featuring the hit she had with Trisha Yearwood “Shut Up and Drive.”  Chely has since become well known for coming out to the world as a lesbian.  Watch the fantastic documentary “Wish Me Away” to see what she went through and her interesting life as a country music star.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Her debut album had a number one country hit called “What I Really Meant To Say.”  It was one of the few times a female artist had a number one with her debut song.  Three singles later, she vanished, telling country music and radio good-bye, thanks for all the help, but I’m leaving and starting a family.  She did just that, but years later she would reemerge on the Internet with several self-produced songs.  Here was our fun (and also distracting) interview…

Part 1

Part 2

And this next part features the entire Mike’s Daily Podcast that was included with this interview…

Part 3



Before he married Nicole Kidman, before he became a friend to Katie Holmes (and who knows what he knows about that whole Scientology world) he was interviewed by yours truly.  A couple years after this interview he had huge crossover success with the song “You’ll Think of Me.”

Part 1



Mark was a flash-in-the-pan country singer/songwriter whom I had the honor of meeting early in 2001.  He and I looked like brothers since with we both had similar glasses, goatees, and a penchant for wearing reverse berets.  He came in with a couple other guys and played for us just using the mic’s in the studio.  You can hear this interview along with the Mike’s Daily Podcast show it was on by clicking below…

Part 1


Jocelyne and I did a show on Wednesday nights on the country station I worked for called “World Wide Websdays” where we she gave interesting computer tips.  This is a little bit of a show from 2004.  The first website mentioned is gone but the second one still exists.  Jocelyne now runs a website called and here’s a bit of World Wide Websdays included on the Mike’s Daily Podcast I played it back on…

Part 1


This is guy is tall!  This interview is from my birthday, November 22nd, 2002.  He’s had a bunch of number one Country hits and, of course, he’s a judge on the TV show The Voice.  Here, again, my interviewing skills are at their peak.  Oh, Charlie Rose is so jealous.  Listen to the interview along with the Mike’s Daily Podcast I featured it on.

Part 1

Part 2

MIKEs DAILY PODCAST 925 Half Moon Bay Bald Head

Here is the finale of my interview with Blake Shelton from 2002 where we mention Mark McGuinn (see above) and we talk about Blake’s amazing hair…

Part 3


This is only a tiny little bit of a even a shorter interview I had with the late, wonderful, and vastly talented John Ritter.  This includes the whole podcast where I originally featured the clip.

Part 1


On this effizode of MDP I looked back at comedy bits I recorded for the radio in the early 90’s and I featured cuts from when I was on B95.1 in Ventura County, California, where I spoke with callers in the mid 00’s.  Enjoy all the insanity and lack of banality here…

Part 1

This one features some more early 90’s comedy cuts plus a song I wrote, sang and produced in the late 80’s that I try to sing along with on this show…

Part 2


MIKEs DAILY PODCAST 7-14-15 Craig Morgan Country Radio

In February of 2000, Craig Morgan stopped by the radio station and I was thrown into an interview with him. He played two songs live and we were all impressed. After September 11th this former soldier really connected with Country fans who were looking for patriotic songs by explicitly patriotic people. Craig spoke out in 2015 about Seth Rogen’s criticisms of the movie American Sniper. He had numerous Country hits after this interview which you can hear (along with the podcast it’s on) by clicking here!


MIKEs DAILY PODCAST 7-16-15 Guntersville Lake Alabama

I found this cassette in 2015 and was blown away. Marty Raybon, the lead singer of a very popular Country band from the late 80’s and early 90’s called Shenandoh, had stopped by my old radio show The Santa Fe Cafe in 2000 to discuss his self-titled solo album. He actually let me sing one of his songs to him! Gosh, that was nice of him (gosh, I was stupid). Enjoy the two parts of this interview and the podcasts they were on here…

Part 1

MIKEs DAILY PODCAST 7-20-15 The 900th Show

Part 2


Rhett had a couple hits on the Country Music charts in the 1990’s including the number one hit “Dont’ Get Me Started.” He also gained a fan in David Letterman with his hit “That Ain’t My Truck.” Listen to our interview from 2003 here along with the podcast effizodes they were featured on…

Part 1

MIKEs DAILY PODCAST 942 Fairmont Ridge Lake Chabot Blvd

Part 2


Radney wrote some big songs for Country Music superstars like Collin Raye, plus he had his own hits with “Nobody Wins” and “Just Call Me Lonesome.” I got to speak with him in late August of 2002, just about one year after September 11th. He talked about that day and some of the songs he’s written. Click here to hear the interview along with the podcast it was featured on!

MIKEs DAILY PODCAST 953 East Bay Sunset


I met Lee in 2002 a year after 9/11 so he was promoting an updated version of “God Bless the U.S.A.” He and I chatted about when he met several presidents on one day and some of the relationships he developed with them. Click here for the first part of our interview along with the podcast it was featured on.

MIKEs DAILY PODCAST 984 Bull Five Canyons Castro Valley

And click here to listen to the QUICK last part of the interview and the podcast it was on.


MIKEs DAILY PODCAST 1027 Fayetteville Tennessee Elk River Coffee

It was 1997 and I had a little hair and a goatee. I also had a show called the Santa Fe Café where I spoke to lots of up and coming Country singers. Gary Allan stopped by with Jake Kelly and the two talked about the whole Nashville scene. I went by the name Matt Michaels back then. Fun times. Listen to a bit of the interview along with podcast I played it on by clicking here.

That’s all for now! Check back to listen to more great moments from my cassette collection!  Thanks for putting up with the tape quality! More “Classic Mike” to be added from the cassette collection soon! Till then, go back to the home page by clicking here!


I write songs and have been doing so for the past 25 years or so.  I will admit my production is lacking and my voice would be leveled by Simon with one glance, but I love to write songs and attempt to sing and produce them.  Needless to say all the vocals you hear are mine and the accompaniment is created by me (sometimes with a little help from an old drum machine).  Enjoy!

It Is What It Is

This song was inspired by one of those “cliche sayings” that I absolutely disagree with.  How can it be “it is what it is?”  I have some hand in changing it, don’t I?  I refuse to give up so easily.  Listen to the song by clicking here.

Do The Disco

What if one of those kids on the disney channel that’s mega-popular today and gone tomorrow discovered disco music for the first time?  Here’s what might be the result.  Listen to the song by clicking here.

Reality TV People

If you’ve listened to my podcast for any length of time you know I have a love/hate relationship with reality tv.  I get sucked into it just like you, but I hate that I do.  Here’s a little song about that!  Listen to the song by clicking here!

Castro Valley

I wrote a song about the town I’ve lived in now for over 2 years.  My wife and I love it here so I wrote a little tune about it.  Listen to the song by clicking here!

Walkin’ My Boxer

As you may have detected from looking around this website, I own a boxer.  These are such awesome dogs, and I wrote this little song about mine.  Enjoy!  Listen to the song by clicking here!

I Don’t Understand 80’s Music

I wrote this one, again, from the point of view of someone younger than me.  What do the youngin’s think about 80’s music?  Listen to this song to find out.  Listen to it by clicking here!

That Old Cassette

So young folks may have no idea what that cassette is and why it meant so much to my generation.  I wrote a little tune about that, too.  Here it is.  Click here to listen to it!

Defending American Idol

I would never want to defend this show.  I love poking fun at it.  But some people take offense.  So I went on the defense for them.  Click here to listen to it!

Off The Radio

I had invested 22 years of life into radio only see it come to a very unceremonious end.  I wrote a song about how this business changed for the worse for me and all people who used to enjoy this medium.  Listen to this song by clicking here.

Stay The Way You Are

“Stay the way you are changing every single day.”  Nothing stays the same and we’re all changing every moment of every day.  This is a song about recognizing this in your life-long love affair and acknowledging it in song.  Listen to it by clicking here!

Unpatriotic Now

I wonder why some people call other people unpatriotic and then turn around and do something unpatriotic themselves.  This song ponders that topic and the whole world of politics and hypocrisy.  Listen to this song by clicking here.

Rockstar Parking

This song’s not very kind to those people that just circle parking lots for hours and hours even though there’s tons of open spaces in the back…they want to be up front!  What is typically called “rockstar parking” I make fun in this song.  Enjoy!  Listen to it by clicking here!

Mr. Right Time

Ever had a friend who was dating the wrong person?  Not that they should be dating you, but this person is obviously so wrong for them and you wonder why he/she doesn’t see it.  Well, in this song, the witless victim is a woman, but it could be anyone.  This is a song for the clueless.  Click here to listen to it!

Divorce Me

Yeah, 2013 was a sh*##y year.  This is a bit personal.  And wacky.  Click here to listen…

What the Hell, Babe?

So this is sometimes said betwixt lovers when they are angry with one another.  I thought I would turn this into a tune.  I hope you like it!  Click on me to hear it!

More songs to be posted soon! Till then, go back to the home page by clicking here! You can also go to these links to hear more of my songs…

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